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Western Mediterranean

This cruise will show you historical and colourful cities, wonderful landscapes, white sand beaches while crossing the Spanish coasts, from the costa del sol to costas Azahar, you will take advantage of the charmes of the cote dazur, corsica, sardaigna, the baleares, Italie, Elbe, Capri Ponza...


Eastern Mediterranean

The mediterranean is an infinite revelation of natural and artistical beauty, old and new. The oriental part of the mediterranean has to itself the most part of these beauties. Historical and culturel wonders of greece, the beuty of the landscapes so typical of thes Cyclades Islands, the roman, byzantin, ottoman heritage of turkey, the archeological treaures of egypt, here is an exciting cocktail of what you can see with this cruise


The harmony is perfect, between white sand, water blue and limpid, sky azure and immaculate. The sheets of palm trees undulate under the wind and the couchers of sun offer burning colors which seem to set ablaze the sea. The Caribbean are a destination of dream. Each stopover explodes of life and colors. Visit all the corners and the recesses of a paradise named the Caribbean.


Seychelles and islands around

Located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Seychelles with its blue lagoons of its marvellous islands like the Desroches Islands and Mahe along with the innumerable atolls make it possible to you to carry out an exceptional deep-sea diving.

North America

By cruising along the east coast of north america, you will be surprised and charmed of these landscapes, rocky coasts, authentic and wonderful colors of autumn in Canada and new England. The city of quebec will show you the charm of the Saguenay river and it's whales

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